The XBox hacker scene has opened up the XBox and built a bunch of cool things. One of the most interesting is XBox media center, a video/audio player. They just entered a beta for 1.0!

What's really great is XBMC has Python embedded. It has standard Python2.3 and xbmc and xbmcgui modules for programming. There's a forum for development discussion, an official script download site, and some docs and scripts from a developer.

I made text Python XBMC documentation from Alex's Word tutorial if you want a quick look at how it works.

An XBox is just another PC, except it's cheap and designed for your living room. It's great that someone's finally made your living room TV scriptable.

An old friend of mine from the 713 scene, Jason Asbahr, made Python for PlayStation 2 and GameCube.

  2004-04-24 17:15 Z