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Adjective ordering
Linguistics review of research on the way multiple adjectives are ordered in human language
2024-06-16 linguistics • language • adjectives • ordering
Celebrity gay dads
Nice puff piece on gay celebrity fathers and their kids
2024-06-16 fathersday • lgbt • gay • dads • family
Drawing Machines
A catalog of various mechanical drawing aids
2024-06-16 plotter • drawing • art • history • via:metafilter
Micropolis WASM
Web browser work-in-progress of the original Sim City published by Don Hopkins, part of the original Maxis team
2024-06-15 games • simcity • maxis • wasm • browser • donhopkins
California aerial photographs
UCSB has an online database of historical aerial photos. Geotagged and on a map browser UI.
2024-06-15 framefinder • ucsb • photos • maps • aerial • history • california
"I was gay all my life"
Heartbreaking story of an 85 year old man who came out in his obituary
2024-06-15 gay • lgbt • comingout • military
David Beebe profile
Marfa, TX musician, barkeep, former Justice of the Peace has a radio show popular at Fort Stockton prison
2024-06-14 music • marfa • texas • beebe • sjs
Cross stitch map
Geology of Tennessee in embroidery
2024-06-14 maps • textiles • embroidery • crossstitch • geology • tennessee
US military anti-vax propaganda
US military ran a social media campaign in the Philippines claiming the Chinese COVID vaccine didn't work
2024-06-14 uspol • politics • china • vaccine • covid • sinovac • philippines • trump
ARM vs Qualcomm
There's a major licensing dispute at the core of the hardware Microsoft is hanging their new AI push on.
2024-06-13 arm • cpu • licensing • qualcomm • nuvia • windows • microsoft
AI and team building
Long essay on the theme that training junior engineers is a good investment of time because they learn: AI does not learn from you.
2024-06-12 ai • engineering • training • culture • apprenticeship • hiring • programming
Houston LGBT radio archive
Tapes of radio shows dating back to the 70s were saved, now digitally archived
2024-06-12 archive • lgbt • history • texas • houston • gay • kpft
Musk's SpaceX sex
More news of inappropriate relationships with employees, including punishing an employee who refused to have his babies
2024-06-12 elonmusk • harassment • spacex • tirefire
SpaceX orbital bombardment
Company's launch vehicles are not burning up properly on re-entry, crashing all over the planet
2024-06-12 spacex • spacejunk • liability • space • elonmusk
Sculpture artists making large geometric forms with cutouts
2024-06-12 art • sculpture • burningman • geometry • platonicsolids
Accessible explanation of all the weird particle physics with neutrinos
2024-06-12 via:kottke • science • physics • neutrinos • particles
Orville Peck / PAPER
Interview and some not-very-explicit nude photos with the country musician
2024-06-11 orvillepeck • nsfw • photos • music • interview
Paywall bypassing
Simple list of various techniques to read paywalled web articles without paying
2024-06-11 paywall • journalism • news • drm • archive
nanoGPT spreadsheet
Visual programming for what's going on in modern neural networks
2024-06-11 ai • llm • chatgpt • spreadsheet • demo • visuazliation • programming
New PG&E rates
Clear article explaining a change in billing to include a flat $24/mo fee. Outcome is worst for existing solar customers
2024-06-11 pge • power • electricity • solar • rates • corruption • politics
Apple private cloud
Tech details on some interesting privacy tech for their AI deployment
2024-06-10 apple • privacy • ai • encryption • computing • verifiability
Kellan's linkblog
Yay, a new linkblog!
2024-06-09 kellan • linkblog • pinboard • bookmarks • blogs
Food carbon footprint
Beef is way worse than chicken or pork for global warming
2024-06-08 beef • globalwarming • food • methane • co2 • farming
Starlink maritime latency
Interesting unique data, measuring Internet speed from ships around the world
2024-06-08 starlink • internet • leo • latency • maps
Māori data storage
An experiment in indigenous sovereignty for cloud services
2024-06-08 Māori • newzealand • activism • datastorage • cloud • infrastructure
The Making of the Stonewall Myth
Academic treatment of why US LGBT liberation marks Stonewall as the main precipitating event, including prior history
2024-06-08 lgbt • history • via:aphyr • pride • newyork • stonewall • commemoration
Queer Vexillology
A subreddit with 21,000 members discussing various forms of Pride flags
2024-06-06 pride • lgbt • reddit • flags • symbols
More Is Different
Classic Paul Anderson systems science paper from 1972 arguing for the value of synthesis and emergent behavior and how reductionism is not sufficient for science
2024-06-06 science • sfi • systems • philosophy • reductionism
Comet webapps
2006-era term for different technologies for making websites update dynamically
2024-06-05 ajax • webapp • html • dynamic • javascript
Russian Starlink competitor
Company in Russia says they have inter-satellite laser links working. Still a long way to go to build out a constellation like SpaceX has.
2024-06-05 starlink • internet • isp • russia • leo • satellite
Original 8 color pride flag
The original LGBT flag also had hot pink and cyan blue stripes. Also each color has a meaning.
2024-06-05 pride • history • lgbt • flag • gilbertbaker
19th century made up slang for "leave in a hurry"
2024-06-05 language • history • english
Saudi tourism
Well written travel article about a place that's been hard to visit. Unfortunately it's also oppressive and dangerous and I still can't personally visit.
2024-06-05 saudi • tourism • lgbt • women • civilrights • politics • travel
Israeli propaganda
Yes, there are spambots on Twitter using AI to influence US politics
2024-06-05 israel • politics • twitter • spam • chatgpt • propaganda
Reddit user who presents themselves as an SF parking enforcer. Can't verify but looks plausible, including sharing information that looks non-public.
2024-06-04 politics • sanfrancisco • dpt • parking • metermaid • reddit
The Erik Prince group chat
What a bunch of right wing lunatics talk about in semi-private.
2024-06-04 fascism • america • politics • uspol • erikprince • laralogan
Proud Boys resurgent
Long, upsetting article about one of America's most successful fascist organizations
2024-06-04 politics • trump • uspol • fascism • nazis • proudboys
A very small Javascript library to identify text in 64 different written languages
2024-06-03 programming • languages • i18n • javascript • nodejs
Case for Covid lab leak
A thoughtful and well sourced article about possibilities of Covid being a lab leak. Archive link:
2024-06-03 nytimes • covid • china • politics • lableak
SF Truffle Man
Lovely profile of San Francisco's beloved weed dealer, now going legit
2024-06-02 drugs • marijuana • truffles • dolorespark • sanfrancisco • sf
A new trend in selling private company shares to private investors without a public market
2024-06-02 spv • ai • vc • scam • investment • money
Atlanta water failure
One of America's great cities has no water downtown, probably won't for days
2024-06-01 atlanta • water • infrastructure • america
uBlock Origin Lite
Ad blocker's solution for Google turning the screws with Manifest v3. Seems to work but have some limitations
2024-06-01 adblocker • browser • chrome • ublockorigin • ublock • privacy • ads • google
iTerm2 ChatGPT plugin
AI feature that made people made was moved to an optional plugin
2024-06-01 ai • chatgpt • iterm2 • privacy • opensource
San Marco bridge pride
Florida's governor banned LGBT Pride lighting on the state's bridges, so residents did their own with flashlights
2024-06-01 pride • politics • protest • lgbt • florida • sanmarco • acostabridge
Attacks on Trump jury
Fascists are doxxing jurors and threatening to kill them
2024-05-31 politics • trump • fascism • justice
Bobby McFerrin crowd game
Lovely demonstration of human's innate understanding of harmony
2024-05-31 music • harmony • pentatonic • mcferrin
General purpose tooling for taking data from cloud services like Goodreads or Healthkit and importing it into a private server using Datasette
2024-05-30 datasette • personaldata • backup • cloud • sqlite
Google search details
An analysis of leaked documents from Google search
2024-05-30 google • search • leak • seo
About the Google leak
Massive dump of internal Google documents about search ranking came out. Link here is to a contextual overview of how to understand the documents
2024-05-30 google • search • leak • seo
John Mark Dougan's fake news
The man behind all the fake news sites that have been popping up. A crooked US cop turned Russian propaganda agent
2024-05-30 politics • russia • propaganda • news • journalism
Charles Litton Sr.
One of the fathers of Silicon Valley, later moved manufacturing of electronics and glass to Grass Valley
2024-05-29 grassvalley • siliconvalley • engineering • glass • electronics • history • nevadacounty • litton
The Greenwich Time Lady
A family that made their living carrying correct time around London until the 1940s
2024-05-28 time • history • london • clocks • ntp • greenwich • hustle • timekeeping
computers - clown core
Ridiculous but fun music video
2024-05-26 via:homocore • music • clowns • clowncore • punk • metal
Legal Twitter
Long story of a community of lawyers on Twitter who ended up working together, then suing Twitter to recover unpaid wages. A reminder of what we lost when Musk destroyed Twitter.
2024-05-26 twitter • legal • history • legaltwitter • lawsuit • elonmusk
Memorial Day origins
Complicated Civil War history of the US holiday
2024-05-26 history • civilwar • memorialday • confederacy
US Governed by Six Hundred Thousand Despots
Remarkable find, a forgotten slave narrative from the 1850s.
2024-05-24 slavery • history • america • usa • civilrights
Whale phonology
Evidence of discrete linguistic utterances in whale communication
2024-05-23 via:metafilter • whales • linguistics • phonology
OpenAI voice actor
WashPo talks to the actress who did the Sky voice for OpenAI, says nowhere did they ask her to imitate Scarlett Johansson
2024-05-23 ai • openai • voice • actor • training
An accomplished Zuni cultural ambassador. They were lhamana, a traditional Zuni form of genderqueer
2024-05-22 zuni • genderqueer • lgbt • history • pueblo • twospirit
AI hype overload
Commentary on the response to iTerm2 adding some optional AI features
2024-05-22 iterm2 • ai • hype • backlash
CA power grid storage
Details of batteries and hydro and how they are interacting with solar power in California
2024-05-20 caiso • grid • powergrid • storage • batteries • hydro • electrify • globalwarming
Sutter Buttes park
Detailed article about the NorCal park / tiny mountain range that has no public access
2024-05-20 via:reddit • california • sutterbuttes • park • publicland
A file server that has lots of options and robustness for guerilla file sharing
2024-05-19 filesharing • lanparty • server • nas
Hackery to let new binaries run on old Linux systems. The docs directory has a bunch of interesting technical info on linker tricks
2024-05-19 via:lobsters • linux • compatibility • hack • pollyfill • glibc • libc
NO2 pollution from gas stoves
Detailed study on pollution exposure from fire in a cooktop
2024-05-19 cooking • pollution • via:hackernews • safety • asthma
Sotheby's failed NFT auction
Details of a problematic cultural event as Sotheby's tried to get in on cryptoscams
2024-05-19 cryptocurrency • nft • scam • sothebys • auction
Fastly supporting Python
5 year commitment to fund core Python community tools and conferences
2024-05-17 python • pypi • fastly • opensource • sponsorship
Supercharger firings
Meticulously detailed story of Musk firing an entire Tesla team on a whim, destroying a strategic unit and jeopardizing industry-wide partnerships
2024-05-15 elonmusk • demonmode • tesla • supercharger • evs • charging
Blanca review
Fine dining in New York that's aggressively chefy in an interesting and appealing way
2024-05-14 food • review • restaurant • blanca • finedining • blamey
Making Fury Road
2020 NYT article interviewing the cast and crew of the Mad Max movie
2024-05-13 movies • nytimes • madmax • filmmaking • namibia • georgemiller
Emoji history
Pushing back Emoji to 1988 and to earlier emoji-like things in computers to 1959
2024-05-13 emoji • history • unicode • writing • japan
Why US EV chargers suck
A political analysis of why the electric car infrastructure in the US is so bad
2024-05-13 evcharging • ev • cars • infrastructure • tesla • electrifyamerica • evgo
Citation Needed
A new experimental Chrome browser extension that lets you select a sentence from a web page, then use an LLM in the background to try to find a Wikipedia page that supports the assertion in the sentence.
2024-05-12 wikipedia • chrome • extension • llm • ai • via:hackernews
AdVon AI garbage
Formerly reputable publishers now including AI-written garbage reviews that generate affiliate revenue.
2024-05-08 ai • spam • seo • affiliate • scam • ads
A font designed for new readers with high legibility and a large character set
2024-05-08 accessibility • fonts • legibility
Furry Panic followup
A blog post about the guy in a fursuit hanging out in a public park that caused a ridiculous Satanic Panic news report
2024-05-06 furries • Sacramento • tolerance • parks • civilrights
Simple, cheap monitoring of websites
2024-05-06 monitoring • DevOps • uptime • web
Ruby HTML tag
A way to annotate text inline in HTML, mostly used for Asian pronunciation guide but more generally useful
2024-05-05 HTML • language • writing • pronunciation • html5 • furigana
Molly Signal fork
An Android client for Signal messaging with extra features. Including the ability to link to your main Signal account without that device being your primary phone number.
2024-05-04 signal • fork • Android • messaging
ʼPhags-pa script
A 13th century Mongolian writing system with pleasingly geometric glyphs
2024-05-04 writing • language • Mongolian • script • Chinese
Secret LLaMa
Run AI models in your web browser locally with WebGPU. Note: downloads 4GB of data to your browser!
2024-05-04 AI • LLM • chatbot • llama3 • via:hackernews • WebGPU
Sacramento Satanic Furry Panic
This would be funny if the culture wars weren't so dangerous
2024-05-03 furries • Sacramento • TV • news • panic • wicca • satanism
Qatar gay entrapment
Grindr date becomes an arrest in government harassment
2024-05-03 qatar • LGBT • via:Reddit • gayrights • police • grindr • harassment
A simple systems monitor, sends alerts if a URL isn't pinged often enough
2024-05-02 monitoring • DevOps • homelab • cron • sysadmin
Silver Crest Donut Shop
Profile of a 24 hour diner in an out-of-the-way neighborhood in San Francisco
2024-05-02 food • diner • sanfrancisco • America
Nevada County sheriff military equipment report
Example report from a small quiet county about using military equipment in local policing
2024-05-02 police • nevadacounty • California • military • politics
Tesla management problems
Absentee CEO returns and causes chaos
2024-05-01 Tesla • elonmusk • firings • layoffs • supercharger
Russian Wikipedia clone
Enter encyclopedia copied and edited to pro-Putin viewpoints
2024-05-01 Wikipedia • politics • russia • censorship • propaganda
LED bulb database
Measurements of consumer bulbs for color correctness
2024-04-27 LED • lighting • bulbs • spectrum • home
Mastodon US corporation
Social media enterprise now has a US 501c3. They lost non-profit status in Germany for unknown reasons
2024-04-27 mastodon • socialmedia • nonprofit • fediverse
Passkeys: A Shattered Dream
Detailed article on why passkeys are not working well, mostly because of bad faith actions from Google and Apple
2024-04-26 Google • apple • security • passkeys • passwords • web • via:lobsters
Snipers v. Students
Both Ohio State University and Indiana University had snipers on the roof "just watching" during student protests
2024-04-26 fascism • protest • Gaza • university • snipers • violence • police
Sarah Kidder
Brief bio of the Grass Valley woman's time running the local railroad in the early 1900s
2024-04-25 women • railroad • history • grassvalley • nevadacounty • trains
Biden vs NYTimes
Detailed gossipy story about disagreements between the Biden Administration and the New York Times
2024-04-25 journalism • NYTimes • Biden • politics • uspol
Chinese keyboard security
Popular input methods send keystrokes unencrypted over the network
2024-04-25 security • china • Chinese • writing • keyboard • mobile • surveillance
A new local WISP in Nevada City. A bit pricy per gigabyte but could be a good option
2024-04-24 internet • nevadacity • grassvalley • wisp • fixedwireless • isp
SunPower big problems
Large US solar installer just stopped doing residential installs and laid off a huge portion of their employees
2024-04-24 sunpower • solar • us • electrify
Intel's new NPU
Analysis of a new type of CPU Intel is putting in processors, one intended for AI. It's not particularly fast but is very low power
2024-04-24 intel • npu • cpu • architecture • hardware • ai • inference
Awesome Balatro
A list of Mods and Tools for the game Balatro
2024-04-23 balatro • games • mods • hacking