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CA power grid storage
Details of batteries and hydro and how they are interacting with solar power in California
2024-05-20 caiso • grid • powergrid • storage • batteries • hydro • electrify • globalwarming
Sutter Buttes park
Detailed article about the NorCal park / tiny mountain range that has no public access
2024-05-20 via:reddit • california • sutterbuttes • park • publicland
A file server that has lots of options and robustness for guerilla file sharing
2024-05-19 filesharing • lanparty • server • nas
Hackery to let new binaries run on old Linux systems. The docs directory has a bunch of interesting technical info on linker tricks
2024-05-19 via:lobsters • linux • compatibility • hack • pollyfill • glibc • libc
NO2 pollution from gas stoves
Detailed study on pollution exposure from fire in a cooktop
2024-05-19 cooking • pollution • via:hackernews • safety • asthma
Sotheby's failed NFT auction
Details of a problematic cultural event as Sotheby's tried to get in on cryptoscams
2024-05-19 cryptocurrency • nft • scam • sothebys • auction
Fastly supporting Python
5 year commitment to fund core Python community tools and conferences
2024-05-17 python • pypi • fastly • opensource • sponsorship
Supercharger firings
Meticulously detailed story of Musk firing an entire Tesla team on a whim, destroying a strategic unit and jeopardizing industry-wide partnerships
2024-05-15 elonmusk • demonmode • tesla • supercharger • evs • charging
Blanca review
Fine dining in New York that's aggressively chefy in an interesting and appealing way
2024-05-14 food • review • restaurant • blanca • finedining • blamey
Making Fury Road
2020 NYT article interviewing the cast and crew of the Mad Max movie
2024-05-13 movies • nytimes • madmax • filmmaking • namibia • georgemiller
Emoji history
Pushing back Emoji to 1988 and to earlier emoji-like things in computers to 1959
2024-05-13 emoji • history • unicode • writing • japan
Why US EV chargers suck
A political analysis of why the electric car infrastructure in the US is so bad
2024-05-13 evcharging • ev • cars • infrastructure • tesla • electrifyamerica • evgo
Citation Needed
A new experimental Chrome browser extension that lets you select a sentence from a web page, then use an LLM in the background to try to find a Wikipedia page that supports the assertion in the sentence.
2024-05-12 wikipedia • chrome • extension • llm • ai • via:hackernews
AdVon AI garbage
Formerly reputable publishers now including AI-written garbage reviews that generate affiliate revenue.
2024-05-08 ai • spam • seo • affiliate • scam • ads
A font designed for new readers with high legibility and a large character set
2024-05-08 accessibility • fonts • legibility
Furry Panic followup
A blog post about the guy in a fursuit hanging out in a public park that caused a ridiculous Satanic Panic news report
2024-05-06 furries • Sacramento • tolerance • parks • civilrights
Simple, cheap monitoring of websites
2024-05-06 monitoring • DevOps • uptime • web
Ruby HTML tag
A way to annotate text inline in HTML, mostly used for Asian pronunciation guide but more generally useful
2024-05-05 HTML • language • writing • pronunciation • html5 • furigana
Molly Signal fork
An Android client for Signal messaging with extra features. Including the ability to link to your main Signal account without that device being your primary phone number.
2024-05-04 signal • fork • Android • messaging
ʼPhags-pa script
A 13th century Mongolian writing system with pleasingly geometric glyphs
2024-05-04 writing • language • Mongolian • script • Chinese
Secret LLaMa
Run AI models in your web browser locally with WebGPU. Note: downloads 4GB of data to your browser!
2024-05-04 AI • LLM • chatbot • llama3 • via:hackernews • WebGPU
Sacramento Satanic Furry Panic
This would be funny if the culture wars weren't so dangerous
2024-05-03 furries • Sacramento • TV • news • panic • wicca • satanism
Qatar gay entrapment
Grindr date becomes an arrest in government harassment
2024-05-03 qatar • LGBT • via:Reddit • gayrights • police • grindr • harassment
A simple systems monitor, sends alerts if a URL isn't pinged often enough
2024-05-02 monitoring • DevOps • homelab • cron • sysadmin
Silver Crest Donut Shop
Profile of a 24 hour diner in an out-of-the-way neighborhood in San Francisco
2024-05-02 food • diner • sanfrancisco • America
Nevada County sheriff military equipment report
Example report from a small quiet county about using military equipment in local policing
2024-05-02 police • nevadacounty • California • military • politics
Tesla management problems
Absentee CEO returns and causes chaos
2024-05-01 Tesla • elonmusk • firings • layoffs • supercharger
Russian Wikipedia clone
Enter encyclopedia copied and edited to pro-Putin viewpoints
2024-05-01 Wikipedia • politics • russia • censorship • propaganda
LED bulb database
Measurements of consumer bulbs for color correctness
2024-04-27 LED • lighting • bulbs • spectrum • home
Mastodon US corporation
Social media enterprise now has a US 501c3. They lost non-profit status in Germany for unknown reasons
2024-04-27 mastodon • socialmedia • nonprofit • fediverse
Passkeys: A Shattered Dream
Detailed article on why passkeys are not working well, mostly because of bad faith actions from Google and Apple
2024-04-26 Google • apple • security • passkeys • passwords • web • via:lobsters
Snipers v. Students
Both Ohio State University and Indiana University had snipers on the roof "just watching" during student protests
2024-04-26 fascism • protest • Gaza • university • snipers • violence • police
Sarah Kidder
Brief bio of the Grass Valley woman's time running the local railroad in the early 1900s
2024-04-25 women • railroad • history • grassvalley • nevadacounty • trains
Biden vs NYTimes
Detailed gossipy story about disagreements between the Biden Administration and the New York Times
2024-04-25 journalism • NYTimes • Biden • politics • uspol
Chinese keyboard security
Popular input methods send keystrokes unencrypted over the network
2024-04-25 security • china • Chinese • writing • keyboard • mobile • surveillance
A new local WISP in Nevada City. A bit pricy per gigabyte but could be a good option
2024-04-24 internet • nevadacity • grassvalley • wisp • fixedwireless • isp
SunPower big problems
Large US solar installer just stopped doing residential installs and laid off a huge portion of their employees
2024-04-24 sunpower • solar • us • electrify
Intel's new NPU
Analysis of a new type of CPU Intel is putting in processors, one intended for AI. It's not particularly fast but is very low power
2024-04-24 intel • npu • cpu • architecture • hardware • ai • inference
Awesome Balatro
A list of Mods and Tools for the game Balatro
2024-04-23 balatro • games • mods • hacking
Tracker Beeper
2022 experimental software having your computer makes noise every time it sends data to a surveillance company
2024-04-23 privacy • security • sonification • visualization • google
Android Biometrics
Authentication system includes levels like "weak" and "strong" and apps can accept only certain levels
2024-04-23 android • authentication • security • biometrics • apps • mobile
Balatro Immolate
An emulator for the game Balatro that rapidly searches for seeds with particular properties
2024-04-19 games • balatro • opencl • reversengineer • hacking
Turning Point voting fraud
Yet another MAGA group leader committing voting fraud
2024-04-19 fraud • votingfraud • politics • uspol • maga • arizona
Bicycles of World War II
Remarkable set of photos
2024-04-18 bicycle • history • ww2 • war • photos
Chatbots being trained on idiosyncratic English. Specific example: ChatGPT likes the word "delve" a whole lot more than American or British English speakers do.
2024-04-18 ai • chatgpt • africa • training • llm • chatbot
Butterick’s Practical Typography
Typography guidance for the modern computer era
2024-04-15 typography • fonts • formatting • text • publishing
Wicked Bible
A 17th century misprint results in infamy
2024-04-15 history • bible • funny • printing • starchamber
Normalization of Jan 6
Upsetting details on how Trump and the Republican establishment now act like the coup attempt on Jan 6 was noble and good
2024-04-13 uspol • politics • trump • fascism • coup • insurrection • jan6
Followgraph for Mastodon
Tool for finding people based on friends of friends
2024-04-13 mastodon • fediverse • socialmedia • via:waxy
South Yuba Canal
A surprising amount of Nevada County's water depends on a precarious, 150+ year old canal and its various wooden aqueducts, tunnels, etc. It's broken right now.
2024-04-13 nevadacounty • water • nid • california • irrigation
Waffle House order marking
The odd system of putting things on empty plates in the kitchen to indicate the details of an order
2024-04-12 food • fastfood • wafflehouse • semiotics • training
Boy Meets Boy Meets Boys’ Love
A reflection on gay romance stories
2024-04-10 lgbt • via:metafilter • gay • romance • writing • books
A Linux shell environment for Android
2024-04-10 linux • android • cli • terminal • hacking
The geniuses at Musk's version of Twitter are replacing all URLs ending in with, causing all sorts of hilarious breakage for words like "netflix".
2024-04-09 twitter • musk • engineering • stupidity
Nigeria’s Scrabble King
A specific form of expertise in English language in Nigeria
2024-04-09 via:mekka • nigeria • scrabble • games • english • language
Internet eclipse traffic
Cloudflare shows big drop in Internet usage during the eclipse
2024-04-09 eclipse • via:hackernews • data • internet • cloudflare
Electric rickshaws
A less formal form of transportation is being electrified by entrepreneurs in India
2024-04-09 via:hackernews • evs • tuktuk • rickshaw • india • electrify
Eclipse power dashboard
Detailed data on the effect of the eclipse on power generation
2024-04-08 power • electricity • solar • generation • eclipse • caiso
Windows terminal latency
It's 2024 and we're still waiting 66ms for keystrokes to show up on a tty
2024-04-08 latency • fps • terminal • tty • performance • windows
Grass Valley pasties
Short article on the traditional Cornish handpie that's still beloved in my little Gold Rush town
2024-04-08 food • pasties • cornish • history • culture • grassvalley
Django's left hand
Famous jazz guitarist had an injured left hand, couldn't use two of his fingers
2024-04-08 guitar • disability • django • music
Willie Nelson's guitar
Trigger, a famous and beat up old classical acoustic guitar he's been playing for 40+ years
2024-04-08 willienelson • music • trigger • guitar • instrument
LÖVE game engine
2D game engine for writing games in Lua. Balatro uses it.
2024-04-08 games • balatro • lua • engine • opensource
Redesigning Vikram
Duolingo redesigns a cartoon character to avoid harmful stereotypes
2024-04-06 stereotypes • sikh • design • cartoon
Balaji Srinivasan, clown
Ridiculous tech dude has a crazy, fascist fantasy for San Francisco
2024-04-04 politics • sanfrancisco • a16z • balajis • tech
Full-Source Bootstrap
Create a working Unix system in a reproducible way, starting from a 357 byte machine language program and building everything from source
2024-04-04 bootstrap • reproducibility • nix • guix • hex0 • security • programming
Cowboy Carter contextualized
A NYT op/ed juxtaposing political analysis and musical interpretation of Beyoncé's new album
2024-04-04 music • beyonce • country • politics
Best printer 2024
Hilarious 2024 update to The Verge's snarky metacommentary on SEO and Google spam
2024-04-03 funny • google • spam • seo • dannysullivan • theverge • printer
Cloud brightening
Details of an experiment spraying salt in the air to help avert the effects of global warming
2024-04-03 geoengineering • climatechange • globalwarming • solar • experiment
Let People Eat
Heartrending plea to allow World Central Kitchen to help avert the famine in Gaza
2024-04-03 politics • gaza • israel • joseandres • wck • charity • famine • starvation
Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’
Detailed analysis of the genres present in Beyoncé's 2022 album
2024-04-03 music • beyonce • genre • criticism • renaissance
Pride flag escalation
Reactions to a London flag that's added yet another chevron and five more stripes
2024-04-02 funny • lgbt • bisexual • visibility • pride
Israel kills World Central Kitchen workers
Famous global food aid charity, one of the very few able to bring food in to Gaza, was attacked by an Israeli airstrike. Seven are dead and WCK is pulling out of Gaza.
2024-04-02 gaza • politics • israel • wck • worldcentralkitchen • joseandres • famine • starvation
Detailed notes on the Indian cooking technique
2024-04-01 cooking • food • indian • tadka
Read Usenet with a 40+ year time delay, to catch it in its heydey
2024-04-01 usenet • socialmedia • timedelay • experiment • history • nntp
Optimizing LLaMa
Second tech half is gold, the process of optimizing matrix multiplication on CPUs in a specific context
2024-04-01 ai • llm • llama • opensource • optimization • math • matrix
Dr Alan Hart
Heartbreaking story of the bravery of a transgender doctor in the early 1900s in the US
2024-03-31 trans • transgender • lgbt • history • tdov
The 9/11 Court Case
Dispassionate description of the mockery of justice happening in Guantánamo Bay. Everyone involved is so tainted, whole careers wasted. Not to mention the torture.
2024-03-31 politics • guantanamo • 911 • justice • military • terrorism
AT&T breach statement
Company still clueless as to how 73 million customers of theirs had their data leaked. Also no explanation why it took them five years to disclose it and why they still no so little.
2024-03-30 att • security • badtech • hacking • privacy
Tailscale outage
Details on how a very capable networking company failed to renew their SSL certificates.
2024-03-30 ipv6 • tailscale • ssl • certificate • expiration • calendar
Tekken 8 Color Blind mode
Really unusual graphical presentation for a game, all monochrome with high contrast textures
2024-03-30 games • tekken • colorblind • adaptation • monochrome
libxz timeline
Details with references on what looks like an APT planting a backdoor deep in Debian Linux and other systems
2024-03-30 malware • apt • hacking • supplychain • linux
Wikipedia:Task Center
A front end to finding work that needs doing on Wikipedia
2024-03-29 wikipedia • editing • community • culture • work
Beyoncé’s Blackbird
The rich African American history of the Beatles song and how Beyoncé's recording brings it home
2024-03-29 music • beyonce • beatles • blackbird • civilrights
A popular form of spam on Musk Twitter. Provocative Neighbors pays spammers $3 or more per victim.
2024-03-28 spam • twitter • elonmusk • porn • via:waxy
Sagittarius A* image
First polarized image of the black hole at the center of our galaxy and why that's so interesting
2024-03-27 space • astronomy • blackhole • milkyway • radioastronomy
Biting critique of a certain kind of awful white guy
2024-03-27 sexism • activism • misogyny • protests • anarchist • applebaum
If Trump Wins
The Atlantic's full issue looking at plans for a second Trump presidency
2024-03-26 politics • uspol • trump • fascism • project2025
Practical Sous Vide
A technical book on the cooking method
2024-03-26 cooking • food • foodsafety • sousvide
Dali ship position
Click "track" for detailed path of the container ship that hit a bridge in Baltimore
2024-03-26 accident • shipping • ais • baltimore • dali • disaster • maps
PG&E water failures
Nevada County is facing a water shortage because our incompetent electric company is mismanaging their water systems. New evidence of neglected maintenance
2024-03-26 pge • nevadacounty • water • power • california
Fifth Circuit judge corruption
Judge in anti-abortion case ruled as his wife was collecting payments from the folks who brought the case to the court
2024-03-25 corruption • abortion • civilrights • politics
Forthright discussion of the difficulty in being sole owner of a small tech startup. Business, emotion, the whole muddle.
2024-03-25 startups • entrepreneur • tmcw • maps • gis • placemark
Geli Raubal
Hitler's niece, a young woman he controlled and possibly had a sexual relationship with. She met an early end by either suicide or murder.
2024-03-24 hitler • history • nazis • depravity • incest
Hitler's Enablers
Detailed writing of Hitler's rise to power and how it was enabled by scheming political men who were all outmaneuvered
2024-03-24 hitler • germany • history • trump • politics • nazis
Codices of San Andrés Tetepilco
1600 Aztec texts come to public display, having been preserved for centuries by a family
2024-03-24 aztec • history • archaeology • codex • via:hackernews
1870s gay bushrangers
Two Australian men who were a couple in a very rough time and place
2024-03-24 australia • history • lgbt • gay • bushranger • couple
Embedded web maps as an HTML component
2024-03-24 maps • html • webdev • leaflet • htmlcomponents
Strachey love letters
Interesting 1950s proto-AI, also an early example of queer computing
2024-03-23 gay • lgbt • queer • computing • ai • turing • strachey • via:simonw
ChatGPT for extended coding
Remarkable lengthy session getting an LLM to write C code, compile it as a sqlite extension, then test and use it from Python
2024-03-23 programming • llm • ai • simonw