One thing I've never quite understood is why there's such a divide between the Internet / Web tech world of companies like Google or Twitter and the game development world of companies like Blizzard or EA. Computer games have often had terrible Internet experiences, awful web sites, etc. The game companies are catching on now but there's still a huge culture divide.

So that's why I like my friend Chris' job posting for an online engineer. It's a job at a top tier game company, Irrational Games (of Bioshock fame, also System Shock 2, Freedom Force, and the upcoming BioShock Infinite). But it's for a deeply Internet nerdy set of skills: scalable web backends, NoSQL storage, protocol design, etc.

It sounds like it'd be a fun job for an Internet / web developer looking to do something new. Games have a totally different interaction with users than web sites, real time and intensely emotional. Different technical environment, too.

  2011-01-12 19:35 Z