Have you used User-mode Linux? Please email me. I recently signed up for UML hosting and am finding the performance is so slow and unpredictable that I'm not sure I can use it.

I expected slow, but not this slow: my virtual CPU speed is about 10x slower than my 1000MHz Athlon. Clearly those other partitions are pretty busy. I'd naïvely assumed the system would be mostly idle.

What surprises me more is the variability. On a normal unloaded Linux system 'time sleep 1' should return just over 1 second of real time, maybe 1.01 seconds. On my UML box, 5 times out of 100 a 'sleep 1' takes over 1.2 seconds! In other words, my whole OS has dropped out entirely for 200 milliseconds. Ugh!

Is this typical or did I get unlucky with my UML provider?

I may have just gotten unlucky; performance on another hosting service is significantly better. More details once I know more.

  2004-07-20 02:24 Z