Want to type arbitrary Unicode characters on a Windows box? You have several options. This one worked for me:
  1. In HKEY_Current_User/Control Panel/Input Method, create a key "EnableHexNumpad" and set the value to REG_SZ, "1". Do it manually, or use this registry file.
  2. Reboot (yes, you have to)
  3. Hold down alt, type numpad +, type a 4 hex digit code (263a, 0041, whatever), release alt.
Full disclosure: when I rebooted Norton AntiVirus failed to start. It's hard to believe this had anything to do with enabling Unicode input. But if the idea of breaking your Windows box scares you, maybe you want to stay away. Auto-Protect didn't start with error (4002,517), reinstalling shared files fixed it. Isn't Windows fun?
  2005-07-19 17:19 Z