I just ordered a SLIMP3, a small component stereo device that plays MP3s by streaming off your network. Looks like it has a nice interface on the device. It's for my kitchen.

I was really hoping to find a wireless MP3 component. There are a couple, but none seem as good as the SLIMP3 with a wireless/ethernet bridge. The cd3o has a voice interface that sounds like a terrible idea. The Exstreamer sounds cool but doesn't have any interface at all. Gloolabs' Homepod is still vapourware.

What really sold me is the SLIMP3 is hacker friendly. You have to love a company that makes developer resources available via SourceForge. They remind me of Empeg.

I imagine SLIMP3 will be acquired by someone. I wonder if they can remain hacker-friendly while producing a product simple enough for the average consumer?

  2003-05-03 20:59 Z