I recently switched to a new way to remove the underlines from hyperlinks in Google Chrome; modify the default stylesheet to not have them. Chrome’s user style support is still a little confusing to me, so I use the Stylebot extension to let me add styles and put this in the global stylesheet:

:link, :visited {
    text-decoration: none;
:link:hover, :visited:hover {
    text-decoration: underline;

By default links won’t have underlines. Sites can still explicitly add underlines. The second stanza adds underlines when you mouse over links. I kind of like that, but I’m on the fence. Tip o’ the hat to Steve Hollasch for the CSS.

Why doesn’t Chrome have the option to remove underlines? Back when it first launched, Chrome had a design philosophy of having a very simple UI with very few options built in, everything to be added by extensions. Feature creep means Chrome now has a confusing panoply of options, but still no underline choice. I used to use the Hyperlink Underline Remover extension but it caused bugs with a few sites.

  2012-02-14 16:31 Z