Why do most programmers still work with 80 column wide screens? Long variable names are a virtue; most of my Java code really wants to be 120 columns wide.

Why don't programming languages let me put spaces in variable names? whyDoIHaveToDoThis or_this_crud, why can't I just put spaces in things?

for user id in user ids {
  if is valid user (user id) and
       is authorized user (user id) {
    show report(user id)
    user(user id).bill for report(one dollar)
I think it's possible to define unambiguous syntax like the above. Not allowing spaces in identifiers may make the compiler's job easier. But the days of worrying about compiler overhead are long long gone.

Update 2004-05-26: Bill Tozier emailed to say that AppleScript does have spaces in some things, although he warns of usability problems. Here's an example:
tell application "Finder"
    set windowName to name of front window
    close front window
end tell 
front window appears to be a single identifier with a space in it. But then again, windowName is camelCase.
  2004-05-22 23:10 Z