I've gotten lots of suggestions for password keepers so far, thank you so much! Alas, none quite meet my needs.
Firefox 1.0PR
The latest Firefox has a new master password to encrypt passwords (screenshot). It works pretty well, but two flaws. First, there's still no way to get all your passwords. (You can view them in a window but can't copy and paste them!) Second, the password store is only accessible if their "this page has a password" heuristics work. If you're on a site like MyWay where Firefox doesn't realize there's a password, there's no way to store / retrieve one. Still, it's pretty good.
Password generator bookmarklet
Clever idea: have a master password that statelessly generates passwords for different sites. Then roll the whole thing up in a bookmarklet. Alas, it doesn't work in MSIE.
Password Scrambler
Same master password idea as the bookmarklet but in a Windows binary with MSIE toolbar button. I'm not wild about the password generation idea. You have no way to get a list of all your passwords, and you have no way to change your password on one site without changing the master.
Password Safe
Standalone app that maintains a password database. This was originally by Bruce Schneier's people as a Blowfish demo, now a SourceForge project. I like the app pretty well but it has a bug with the text export of its database. And the integration with MSIE is lacking.
If only there were Password Safe's transparency integrated nicely like Mozilla or Password Scrambler.
  2004-09-16 15:08 Z