I have way too many passwords for online accounts now. For dorky sites I use low security passwords that I can remember, but for important stuff I have random strings I can't remember. I probably have 30 of those now. I keep them in an encrypted text file and cut/paste as needed.

I need something better. Can anyone recommend a good account name / password keeper? The UI is key, it has to integrate with a web browser well. Given a URL, I want it to tell me my account name and password. Filling out the login form is better, but not essential. The tool needs to be transparent. I need to trust the crypto it uses to protect my passwords. And I need some simple way to get a plain text dump of all passwords for backups.

MSIE's built-in password thing isn't secure. The standalone tools I've seen all have lousy UIs. I like how Quicken's "PIN Vault" works, except it's not for browsers and it fails the transparency test. Know something good for MSIE or Firefox? Email me at nelson@monkey.org

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  2004-09-14 15:48 Z