The NYT has a glowing article about the Panther upgrade to Mac OS X.
Mac OS X isn't just free of viruses; it's also free from copy protection, "activation" (a Windows XP feature that transmits information about your PC back to Microsoft), and pop-up messages that nag you to sign up for some Microsoft database or clean up your icons. When you use Mac OS X, you feel like it's yours; when you use Windows, you feel as though you're using someone else's toys, and Mrs. Microsoft keeps peeking in on you.
I'm delighted to see this competition to Microsoft's increasingly consumer-hostile system. If I had the hardware, I'd definitely spend a month trying to work from OS X. But Mac OS still represents the same 3-4% in Google Zeitgeist it has since June 2001. All my cool friends may use Macs but it seems the masses don't.
  2003-10-23 15:17 Z