I got a Mac laptop (12" powerbook), thought I'd try something different. Unix with a non-X interface, you have to like that. My favourite thing is the beautiful font renderer.

I asked some friends - Cory, Evan, Jason, Eric, and Raffi - for advice on what to install to make my Mac happy. Things I've found useful so far:

VersionTracker, MacUpdate, and Mac OSX hints
Useful websites. If you're searching Google for Mac software, adding "macosx" to the search term usually gets you what you want.
Program launcher. Like LaunchBar, only free.
Web browser. Make the default via Safari preferences.
Fire or Adium X
Free multiprotocol instant messengers.
Enhanced Carbon Emacs
I'm going to be using Brain-Implant emacs in 2023.
Vera Sans Mono font
Good fixed width font. Apple's Monaco and Andale are both acceptable, but Vera is best. Note: this looks awful in Terminal unless you enable anti-aliasing via Terminal / Window settings / Display.
MacOSX 10.3 has Python, but it's missing the IDE.
For finding wireless networks.
Debian-like ports of traditional Unix apps to MacOSX. I haven't used it yet, but it's good to know it's there.
X11 server
Looks like a good port
Pretty system monitor
Run cron jobs by hand. Useful for laptops.
Essential for laptops; replacement Trackpad driver. Lets you right-click, scroll, etc. Apple should buy this.
Some other things my friends recommended but I don't need or want: BBEdit (text editor, a classic), Ecto (blog writing tool), Shrook (feed reader), iSeek (search tool), iOrganize (note taker), FTPeel or Transmit (ftp clients), VLC (multimedia player) Remote Desktop Connection (open your Windows desktop), SubEthaEdit (collaborative text editor).

The main thing I'm missing is a more convenient app for sshing. Terminal is OK, but it feels awkward when using remote hosts. And I can't figure out how to click on a URL to open it. Command-doubleclick. Thanks, David and Steve. And is there a DQSD for Mac? iSeek or Butler.

Update: Thanks for all the email! See also Ted's List. And Steve notes Brad Choate's list.
  2004-06-26 22:05 Z