What if they had a major release of a software platform and no one noticed? Used to be new versions of Java were hotly anticipated and discussed. Java 6 (Mustang) is out and I didn't have any idea at all. Did you notice?

Part of my ignorance is because I'm not working in Java right now (and believe me, I don't miss it). But it seems no one's really too worked up about the release. The links on Digg are getting no attention. It's on delicious with a paltry 61 links. There's a few geeky articles on Google News, but it's not exactly burning up the wires.

Maybe Sun just is downplaying this release. The list of improvements are not terribly exciting, despite some good stuff in the scripting department. Then again, maybe Java lost its groove. Sure has with me and the people I know.

  2006-12-12 16:30 Z