Cory Doctorow's talk to Microsoft Research about digital rights management is hot. It's the best single description of all the failures of DRM I've ever read. The time Cory has spent at the EFF has clearly honed his thinking.
DRM systems don't work
DRM systems are bad for society
DRM systems are bad for business
DRM systems are bad for artists
DRM is a bad business-move for MSFT

But talking to MSR is preaching to the choir. The people who really need convincing are the Windows OS product strategy team, in particular the folks behind the Next-Generation Secure Computing Base for Windows (aka Palladium). Microsoft has already made the decision to destroy general purpose computing in order to protect copyright owners' interests at the expense of users.

With the DRM core baked deep into the hardware and Microsoft getting to sign a whole new set of licensing contracts, I fear the "don't work" and "bad business move" arguments will seem to have been overcome long enough for this hostile stuff to be status quo for awhile, setting everyone back.

  2004-06-19 00:52 Z