You can have even more fun with Citrus Moon's tiles by taking the tiles and modifying them to suit. It's easy to recolour tiles; the magic is multiplying in colour.

Here are step by step instructions for taking the groovy ultrawave tile and turning it Blogger orange.

  1. Open the image
  2. Set mode to RGB: [Image/Mode/RGB]
  3. Turn the image grey: [Image/Colors/Desaturate]
  4. Set the foreground colour (I used 0xff6600)
  5. Create a new layer of that foreground colour
  6. Set the mode of the new layer to multiply/burn
  7. Flatten the image: [Layers/Flatten Image]
  8. Adjust colour to suit: [Images/Color/Hue-Saturation]
    I bumped Lightness up +26
  9. Downsample colormap: [Image/Mode/Indexed 16]
    Why? Looks the same, saves space (19k to 6k)
  10. Save the image

This technique only works for creating single colour images; it'll ruin fancy tiles with many colours. And show care for your reader's eyes: this tile is actually pretty awful.

  2003-06-08 00:19 Z