We spend all day typing on keyboards. Most of those keyboards are awful; cheap switches, bad pitch, etc. But the layout is the worst problem. Either you have a giant 101 key keyboard that's too wide with a useless numeric keypad moving your mouse further to the right, or you have a small keyboard which has tiny arrow keys and loses the useful home, end, page up, and page down.
The layout that's just right is the 87 key keyboard, basically a 101 key layout but without the numeric keypad. It's not a common layout, Apple doesn't even sell one, but it's becoming more available. I have something like these Tenkeyless keyboards with mechanical switches and liked it, although I'm back to a full size Apple keyboard with a mouse platform that fits over the vestigial numeric keypad.

Now if only we could do something about CapsLock.

  2012-01-23 16:26 Z