My blog has become a place for carefully written essays. I like what I'm writing but it's not very personal. So here's some casual news about Nelson.

I've been working part time for the past few months as an engineering advisor to Twitter. It's been great being in a startup environment. Twitter has a neat product with some interesting technology challenges. And a great engineering team who have come up with some very clever solutions. It's been fun helping them out, I'm planning to do some advising and consulting for other interesting startups as well.

Despite appearances I have not moved to France. We don't even have a plan for our next visit yet. If circumstances permit I hope to spend a month or two there every year, but I'm not moving permanently.

I bought a house! After living six years in a pleasant but dull suburban part of San Francisco between West Portal and Glen Park, Ken and I were ready to be more central. So we're moving to Noe Valley, a few minutes walk from the commercial center on 24th and a convenient Muni ride to downtown SF. We're spending a few months redoing the kitchen and bathroom before moving. If you know any good contractors, handymen, arborists, etc in San Francisco, please mail me!

If you're a friend of mine and want to keep up on daily personal news, you may want to follow me on Twitter. I'm not too diligent or erudite, but Twitter is an awfully handy way to tell folks what I'm doing right now.

  2007-09-03 16:40 Z