The San Francisco Chronicle has been republishing the front pages of the paper in 1906 after the earthquake. They're fascinating. Today, six days after the quake is the first day of what seems like normalcy. The front page prominently features a list of "news you can use" items.
Candle lights may burn until 10 PM.
No building permits needed for temporary shelter.
Fires not permitted indoors until chimneys are inspected.
All contributions to Relief Fund sould be sent to Joames D. Phelan, chariman of committee, Pine and Fillmore streets.
Within two days street cars will be running on four important routes. Transportation free.
Prepartions are being made to resume electric lighting at once in a considerable portion of the unburned section north of Market street.
No San Francisco banks will move out of city.
Superior courts have resumed business.
Standing walls in business district are being dynamited.
Telephone service has been resumed.
It is thought that there is no danger of an epidemic. Sanitary situation is improving.
Embargo on shipping lifted.
Sewers found to be in better condition than supposed.
I love how efficient this information is. It's the first day where it sounds like things are under control.
  2006-04-24 15:50 Z