Gnomedex was great. I enjoyed having WiFi access during the conference despite my discomfort with people paying more attention to computers than people at meetings. Funniest moment: party the second night, good rock band on stage, geeks sitting around laptops rather than dancing or grooving.

Having WiFi definitely hampered my attention to the conference. I'd say 2/3 of the time I was on the laptop I was doing something other than Gnomedex. But at least I was there. And the other 1/3 was doing conference-related stuff, particularly kibbitzing on the talk on an IRC channel. That was pretty rewarding.

Update: Buzz pointed me to a bit from Clay with an important insight: it doesn't matter whether you like WiFi as part of the world or not. It's not going to go away.

I am a bit alarmed at how many offhand comments I made on IRC or at the party ended up at blogs attributed to "Nelson from Google". I'm just another person, I like to relax too. Hard to do that when every word may be replayed. (PS: John, I meant it nicely!)

Thanks to iSpot Access for the WiFi
  2003-07-29 17:10 Z