Have you bought a light bulb recently? My local Walgreen's has a whole aisle full of bulbs. Little appliance bulbs, compact fluorescents that don't work with dimmers, floods, halogens. What's hard to find is an ordinary, everyday, $0.50 light bulb.

I finally found them, down low by the floor. Only they weren't normal 75 watt light bulbs. They were "energy saving" 71 watt light bulbs. Rated at 1075 lumens, compared to 1190 lumens of a real "energy wasting" 75 watt light bulb.

What dumb ass thought this idea up? Yes, let's save energy by making our lights dimmer! There's a whole range of anemic wattages from GE now: 95W, 71W, 57W, 38W. Awesome.

  2008-11-23 21:35 Z