I spend far too much time in front of a computer. In an attempt to have some hobby other than computer geekdom, I've decided to try kite geekdom. I fondly remembering flying Saul's power kites: 300lbs of lift == exhilarating flight. I'm also inspired by Kite Aerial Photography.

But that's all too hardcore so I set out today to learn some simple stunt kite flying. A bit of searching revealed that HighLine Kites is the Bay Area place to go to buy a kite. Tom sells kites out of his RV at the Berkeley Marina, a prime kite-flying spot. Lots of kite geeks. Tom's great, by the way. I liked the Prism kites website, so after spending some time with Tom's advice I'm the proud owner of a new E2.

Modern kites are pretty amazing technology, full of graphite and mylar and exotic polymer line. Alas, the line was my downfall; I made a bone-headed mistake and tangled one of the lines while setting up and after a frustrating hour of attempting to untangle the fog rolled in and I gave up. (Hint: pulling on knots does not make them better). I'm untangled and ready to try again tomorrow. Update 2004-07-04: success, at Balboa Park.

  2004-07-04 02:37 Z