Today's NYT, a story about fraud in online job listings.
Ms. Haloulos would accept payment for the software company's domestic sales, then take that cash out of her PayPal account and wire it, via Western Union, to the software company's contacts in Ukraine. Ms. Haloulos would keep 5 percent to 20 percent of the payment as commission.
Unfortunately for the poor Ms. Haloulos, those payments turned out to be fraudulent. "I feel like an idiot", she's quoted as saying.

Forgive me for being harsh, but, um, yeah. Your "job" consists of accepting credit card payments in a PayPal account, skimming 20%, and then wiring the cash to Ukraine? What did you think you were doing?

Here's a hint: payment processing jobs do not involve an individual's private account. And another hint: Ukraine is essentially jurisdiction-free when it comes to the Internet.

  2004-05-17 14:13 Z