A bunch of friends keep asking me, so here's the scoop. No, I haven't moved to my new house in Noe Valley yet. Yes, we bought in a long time ago, and it sure is about time to move isn't it? It's close to done now, I hope to be moving in about a month.

Everyone says remodelling costs more and takes longer than you'd think. And yup, it does. In our case I'd say about half the time we've spent remodelling could have been avoided with better project management. We lost a month having to do a second round of contractor bids, another month or so not making up our minds on what we were going to do, another month in disorganization towards the end of the project, etc. #1 rule if I ever do a house project of this size again: I'm going to hire a project manager. A boring, nerdy GANTT chart and spreadsheet guy or gal.

The good news is the house is coming together and looks great. Particularly the tile work. We'll be moving in before it's entirely done; a few light fixtures on order, missing furniture, etc. At some point you just have to say it's done.

  2008-08-11 20:46 Z