Lots of randomness in my life lately with the move. Here are some good things I've been enjoying.

Eating breakfast or lunch at Toast. Like American diner food only high quality and carefully prepared. The new place at 24th and Sanchez is just as good as the original at 29th and Church, only with twice the seating.

Typing on a Humanscale 5G keyboard tray. Stable, slim, easy to install and adjust.

Watching Planet Earth in HD on my Samsung A650 TV. Clear bright colours, beautiful subtlety in the mid-tones. My new home is my first time having an HDTV and every time I see the flock of tiny white birds all crisp on a dark blue background my jaw drops. Even better is the beautifully rich brown tones of the African plains.

Cleaning up contractor mistakes with Goof Off and Goo Gone. For all I know Goof Off is just paint thinner in a can, but it's great at removing stray bits of paint. And Goo Gone is the master at removing sticky residues from hard surfaces: tape gunk, grease, etc. The web site says it's "a combination of Citrus Power and scientific technology," which is nearly meaningless, but it smells like oranges and works great.

Playing Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise. It's the game Spore should have been, a cute and engaging garden simulation game. You entice colourful animals to live in your garden with good husbandry. It's dressed up in kid's game clothes but has a lot of depth to it.

  2008-10-03 23:01 Z