Every few weeks I get unsolicited blank checks in the mail from my credit card company, Capital One. "Instant cash!". Of course it's a trap; the cash is a loan at some poorly disclosed usurous rate, probably 20%. So I dutifully tear the checks in half and throw them away.

Now Capital One has gotten more aggressive and is sending me regular emails asking me to transfer balances. So convenient! "Keep in mind, you’ll pay a transaction fee of 3% of each transaction amount". Another unwanted offer. I asked them to stop emailing me.

Unfortunately, the option to be excluded from our balance transfer solicitations is not available at this time. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
I only gave them my email address so I could get emailed statements. Apparently there's no way for me to opt out of their scammy attempts to trick me into borrowing money from them at outrageous rates. Awesome.

I'd cancel the card, but they're the last US card that doesn't charge a 2-3% scammy foreign currency conversion fee .

  2011-02-26 01:51 Z