I buy absolutely everything I can from Amazon. Books, music, gifts, software, hardware, cooking supplies, everything. It's not just because Jeff Bezos is a nice guy. Amazon's service is truly fantastic. Good prices, reliable, and I don't have to drive somewhere in San Francisco to buy something. Lazy consumer.

The inflection point for me was when Amazon started offering free shipping for orders over $25. I stopped worrying about the friction of buying things, just ordered what I needed and waited. And thanks to Amazon Prime, I don't even have to wait that long. Now that I'm in the club I get everything I want sent to me in two days.

It's a brilliant move on Amazon's part. I was surprised at first you can share your $79 membership with family members, then realized that's the viral part. Now my whole household will buy everything on Amazon. I wonder how many more sales they made when they started the free shipping option? Prime can only increase their business.

  2005-02-10 16:27 Z