Qoop is a clever service that prints books of your photos. It has amazing integration with Flickr. Go to Qoop, look at your Flickr photos and choose which to print, enter a credit card and a few days later a nicely bound book of pictures comes to your house. Couldn't be simpler.

I ordered a book of 168 of my photos from Switzerland. The 8x10" book format is great; easy to flip through and look at pictures, easy to put on a shelf to preserve. Qoop also offers posters and calendars and soon, postcards.

The print quality is a compromise. The perfect binding and paper quality are terrific. But it's not a photo printer, it's more like a high quality color laser printer. The color matching isn't great and sometimes the ink is a bit uneven. But the books are relatively inexpensive (my order came to 40 cents a photo) and a heck of a lot nicer than printing a bunch of 5x7" and pasting them in an album. Their customer service is very friendly and responsive, too. I'll definitely be ordering more books.

I'm amazed at how convenient the process was. I assume the core enabler here is the Flickr API which allows Qoop to get at my photos. More web services like this, please!

  2006-02-09 16:52 Z