Remember in Star Trek where the unnamed ensign would walk up to Captain Picard or Sisko and hand him a datapad to quickly look at the day's orders for a quick approval? Not Kirk; his unnamed ensigns were foxier but all he got was a busted old aluminum clipboard. I mean the PADD, the Personal Access Display Device, the super futuristic thinscreen tablet computer thingy that served the role of notepad in recent Star Treks.

My iPhone is exactly like that.

My early morning coffee + newspaper + cat ritual now has a new addition, my PADD. Quick email check early in the morning with my super futuristic iPhonePADD. There's something very appealing about the smooth face of the device and the great screen that makes it welcome even in a bleary eyed morning.

Props to goldman for his lightning nerd memory of the name PADD
  2007-07-25 23:54 Z