I finally settled on a domain name for myself. I've set up a bunch of redirects to move my blog to its new official home, http://www.somebits.com/weblog/. The old ~nelson was all nice and Web 0.9, but it's time to move on. Please update your links so Googlebot has no trouble finding me! The linkblog moved, too.

If you notice any problems, please mail me.

This seems like a good time to give a tip of the hat to Drrt, Dugsong, and the other good folks of monkey.org whose name I've been using for so long. They're a neat geek collective coming originally from University of Michigan and number among them some of the best Unix security hackers out there. I'll continue to do various things over there, but it's nice to have a name of my own too.

  2005-12-06 03:05 Z