I was fortunate and my recent blog post about Google was linked to on two high traffic sites: Hacker News and Daring Fireball. I'm grateful; their audiences are just who I wanted to reach with that post. Also they drive a lot of traffic to feed my ego.
I'm struck by how front-loaded the traffic is. Hacker News is on the left (total: 20,000). Daring Fireball on the right (5000). The front spike is particularly notable with Daring Fireball; the moment John posted that to his blog around 1PM California time I hit peak traffic from him and four hours later it'd mostly died out. How does that work so fast? Surely people aren't just reloading his blog all day. RSS readers? Twitter?

I'm also pleased poor ol' Blosxom kept up; the last time I got a lot of traffic was a mess. Back then I died at a pathetic 4qps; this time I hit 10x that without breaking a sweat. The key thing is using Apache's threaded worker MPM instead of the horribly obsolete prefork MPM. I now have 1000 server threads to serve all those parallel fetching, socket-camping modern web browsers. Even better would be a proper non-blocking server but Apache's worker MPM is still labelled "experimental" and I don't want to deal with some other HTTP server right now. I did go ahead and switch some images to inline data: URLs; should be an improvement.

  2012-02-02 18:07 Z