I read somewhere that you can read English even if the letters in each word are mixed up as long as the first and last letters are in the correct position. Try it! Read my scrambled blog. Sample:
I raed swreemohe that you can raed Eignlsh eevn if the ltetres in each word are mexid up as long as the frsit and last lertets are in the crrcoet pooisitn. Try it! Raed my smrblaced blog.
My blog software, Blosxom, is so hackable that it is straightforward to add a plugin to do this. Plugins even chain nicely, like this scrambled search for Perl.

The code is quite a hack, using Perl Inline to let me write the actual text processing in Python like Rael's demo. There is one neat trick: Inline->bind() lets me defer the import of Python until it's actually needed, meaning there's no efficiency cost if the Python code isn't invoked.

Update: thanks to Misha for fixing my mistake and pointing me to jwz's blog entry.
  2003-09-13 21:31 Z