I need some help. How do I migrate this blog with content intact to a modern blog host? Mail me if you have advice.

This blog has run for 8 years on Blosxom, hosted on a private Linux box. It's worked great, Blosxom really is a marvel of simplicity. But the world has moved on. I'm sick of editing HTML text and I'm tired of paying $120/month for a server that no longer does anything but run this blog.

So I need to migrate my blog to a new platform. A hosted platform, specific for blogs, I don't want to administer software. Where should I go? My secret gaming blog is hosted on TypePad, which works pretty well, but the editor isn't always well behaved on Google Chrome and I don't always like the way it emits HTML and manages assets. WordPress is the other contender, but my previous experiments with it didn't quite feel right. Tumblr is awfully cool but doesn't seem suited to essayists. It pains me not to even consider Blogger, but years of neglect at Google have taken their toll. Really any of these platforms would do fine. What I care most about is a bit of control: I don't want a lot of garbage markup and template weirdness.

The harder problem is content migration. I've got 1400 blog posts, mostly formatted in naked HTML but with some occasional weirdness. And a custom stylesheet. And 800 images. I had some luck getting Blosxom to emit MovableType's import format but a lot of formatting was broken. And image migration is a challenge.

Any suggestions? I've been meaning to do this for six months and gotten nowhere. Please mail me: I'll summarize any suggestions with credit.

  2010-03-15 18:08 Z