If you subscribe to my blog in a feed reader I recommend you switch to my new Atom feed. I've been publishing a hacky old RSS 0.91 feed for years, but Atom's better in every way. Big advantage to you, the reader: if I make a minor update to a post you won't see it as a new post. No rush, I'll keep the old RSS feed working for awhile still.

It's ironic how long it took me to publish an Atom feed. I was at the first shadowy cabal meetings that led to the Atom spec, I wrote an early Atom feed for Blosxom, and I've long advocated using Atom over RSS. But Atom's a fairly complicated format and I wanted to get it right, so I never did it. RSS is ugly, but that can be liberating.

Many thanks to Aristotle for the kick in the pants to get this done. He pointed me to Sam Pearson's implementation of Atom for Blosxom, which works great.

  2007-03-13 21:45 Z