The Larry Craig story just gets weirder. He may not resign afterall and there's a leaked voicemail between Craig and his lawyer discussing the matter. The poor man is exploding in front of us. Here's a letter to him, I hope he gets it.

Dear Larry,

There are no takebacks in public politics. You can't plead guilty to a misdemeanor and then say "oops, my bad". You can't publicly announce your resignation and then say "hmmm, I've changed my mind". You are screwed.

Do us a favour. Spend six months in Palm Springs getting your act together. Or Provincetown, if you prefer the sea. Read some books, get a tan, take that cute boy who smiled at you all evening at the bar home to your rented cottage and have a one night stand. Meet a tall handsome rancher on vacation from Montana and fall in love. Relax, come out. Being gay is good!

Then come back to politics and take down the Republican bastards who abandoned you in your darkest hour. Look Mitch McConnell in the eye and tell him what's "unforgivable" is the years of anti-gay hate mongering of your former Republican party.

Idaho probably won't take you back, but I bet California would welcome you. Heck, our governor used to pose nude for gay magazines. There's no takebacks, but there are second chances for closeted gay men.

  2007-09-05 16:53 Z