This fall I wrote 39 blog posts about restaurants in Paris. Here's the places I thought were particularly good or worth returning to. None of these are the best restaurants in Paris, but rather are chosen for their comfort and the care of the staff.
Au Burguignon du Marais, 4th
One of our favourite bistros, went many times.
Le Caveau du Palais, 1st
Excellent traditional bistro on Ile de Cité
L'Ambassade d'Auvergne, 1st
Comfortably formal restaurant.
d'Chez Eux, 7th
Crazy but excellent rustic country food.
La Reine Blanche, 4th
Good neighbourhood place on the Ile St. Louis.
La Verre a Soi, 17th
Lovely simple restaurant run by my friend Evelyne.
Les Fous d'en Face, 4th
Excellent lunch, particularly if you can sit outside.
Le Brasserie de l'Île St. Louis
Classic Alsatien brasserie on the Ile St. Louis.
Boulangerie Malineau, 4th
My favourite place for croissant.
  2007-01-01 19:54 Z