Foreigners who live and work in Zürich for more than a few days are required to register with the city. Today I registered at my local Kreisbüro. They asked where I live, what my religion is, the details of my work permit. Then a fee of 20 CHF and I'm on my way.

The lady was reasonably friendly and helpful, I was able to do everything in English, and the whole process took only fifteen minutes. Even so it was a bit intimidating. Being a foreigner is difficult anywhere. But Switzerland is welcoming; it must be so much worse for visitors to the US where the immigration offices are hostile, inefficient, and make no effort to speak other languages.

PS: my Zürich posts so far seem quite negative. I'm actually having a fine time, it's just the most interesting thing I can think to write about are the hard parts of finding my way around. I'm sure by the time Knabenschiessen rolls around I'll be happy visitor blog.

  2005-09-01 08:30 Z