Even though this is my eighth or so time in Europe, and second as something more permanent than a tourist, I still find it amazingly difficult to find my way around and do things. So it's a good feeling to have accomplished some stuff. Got the monthly tram pass for Zürich. (80CHF, unless you have a photo when it's 73, or you can also get the "only good after 9am but good for a longer trip" for the same price.) Figured out the half-price Swiss train ticket thing (150CHF/year, unless you're a tourist where you can get one month for 99CHF but then if you're here for three months you want the year pass anyway). Even succeeded in buying a coffee maker, a decent chef's knife, and some sauerkraut, Wurst, und Wein. Almost a local!
  2005-08-27 13:55 Z