Should Wikipedia play a role in making things notable?

Overworld Zero is a minigame inside the classic PC game System Shock 2. It's basically an elaborate easter egg, a clever one with some remix and game within a game relevance. It's obscure, but interesting. The best online reference for Overworld Zero has been its Wikipedia article. That article is about to be deleted on the grounds that the minigame is not notable.

I'm not a member of the Wikipedia editing community, so I've never quite understood the editorial policy for when something is too irrelevant to merit a Wikipedia article. There's an infinite amount of paper on the Web so why not accept everything? Editorial quality, that's why. And Wikipedia has a thoughtful definition of notability.

A topic is presumed to be notable if it has received significant coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the subject.

Overworld Zero isn't notable by this definition. But it should be. And because the reliable sources of the gaming world have overlooked it, I was happy that the Wikipedia article existed to establish the game's notability. But Wikipedia explicitly doesn't want to play the role of definining notability, so the article is about to be deleted. And that makes me sad.

  2007-08-14 16:49 Z