Spencer Schaffner has something to say about how hard it is for him to actually read blogs.
If I were writing the entry for "blog" for a CD Rom encyclopedia or something, I'd want the entry to include mention of how bloggers make the world both small and their own.

His comments are insightful, but what he casts as problems with blogging are exactly why I like blogs. My blog is my own small world. It's my one place to indulge the desire to talk only about what interests me. He finds the use of dates in blogs distracting. I like it; emphasizing the ephemeral nature of blogging frees me from the burden of writing for the ages.

Mostly I'm blogging this to highlight the painful irony of blogging about a non-blogger who doesn't like blogs but wrote a blog entry to say so. I had a hard time wanting to read his whole page, too. I do like his found art.

  2003-02-23 18:27 Z