San Francisco residents are no doubt familiar with the Examiner newspaper, largely by tripping over unwanted yellowing copies scattered on our sidewalks. The paper claims 250,000 subscribers by virtue of them delivering copies free whether you want them or not. And stopping the litter is remarkably difficult, particularly since their unsubcribe web form does nothing.

But thanks to the Noe Valley blog I found a solution: asking Bevan Dufty, my Board of Supervisors representative, for help. I hate to waste an elected official's time on something so trivial, but apparently he's handled this problem before and within minutes I was put on an audit list of people who didn't want copies delivered. And today was garbage free!

Here's some ways to try to stop the Examiner, in order of escalation:

The useless web form

Calling circulation at (866) 733 7323

Politely contacting Edie Alejandre, Circulation Manager of the Examiner. She really exists and answered my mail., 415-359-2818

Asking Bevan Dufty (or your district supervisor) for help

Seeing the Examiner always makes me angry because of its sorry history. SF used to have two real newspapers, but The Examiner was in decline before I moved here. But the anti-trust dodging scam negotiated between King Willie Brown and the fake newspaper Fang family was just too much. The Fangs made out like bandits and the Examiner crumbled. Sadly, it's maintained enough fake circulation to siphon off life-giving advertising from our one remaining real newspaper.
  2009-06-21 21:10 Z