Usually I ignore the crap that spamassassin filters out for me. But today I learned with sadness that my long lost relative ADAM MINAR died while travelling along the Port Louis-Reduit express in Mauritius.

Well, sadness tinged with greed, for it seems if I just cooperate in some bank matters with my new friend JAMES EDWARD then I stand to gain access to a lot of money! I'm a bit confused as to why a long lost Czech relative would be in Mauritius, but it sounds safer than Nauru.

Back in the 90s Internet fantasy era I read a bunch of stuff about how the Internet would allow the third world to be entrepreneurs on equal footing. I find it sort of charming that folks in Nigeria and Mauritius are running the Spanish Prisoner. The best story on this stuff is Wendy Willcox, who manouevered a Nigerian spammer to appear in front of an Amsterdam webcam.

  2003-02-23 00:51 Z