One of the more odious-yet-legal businesses on the Internet is domain squatting. Companies grab unused domain names and run pages of ads on them. The less scrupulous ones also SEO the hell out of their crap ad sites to get them up in search results. It's a hugely profitable business, even Google has a product for domain squatters. But it's ugly bottom-feeding.

However, sometimes it's funny. I present to you It's "for resources and information on Kitchenware and Iraq Iran War". The top 5 ads are labeled kitchenware, Iraq Iran war, cookware, war on terrorism, and cutlery. Some other related searches: depleted uranium and hairless cat.

These particular ads seem to be coming from Yahoo/Overture. Not sure who owns the domain. What I was really looking for was

  2006-08-06 16:21 Z