Following on my new fame for looking at the ages of Craiglist ads, I did a bunch of crunching and got six months of collected ad data into a database. Which makes it easy to produce reports like the following:

There's a 10:1 variance in ad volume based on the hour. The quietest times are 4am with about 15 ads an hour, the busiest times are around 8pm with about 150 ads an hour. Noticeable bump when people get home from work, surprisingly little variation in day of the week. Overall the distribution looks like graphs of pretty much any Internet activity with some bias towards more use in the evenings.

What I really want to get at is the content of the ads, classify them by desired partner, desired scene, drugs, desperation, etc. I need to chat with someone who understands text clustering.

  2009-03-06 23:34 Z