I'm not a big baseball fan. But I like to go to a game occasionally, particularly in the amazing new San Francisco ballpark. Nice to be outside, in a crowd, eating garlic fries.

Except I haven't gone to a baseball game in SF in two years now because I couldn't stomach watching Barry Bonds play. Cheating, lying Barry Bonds. Today there's finally an indictment against him. The San Francisco Chronicle's few remaining journalists even have good coverage of the story, including a top-notch infographic.

The amazing thing to me is people still defend Bonds, say he doesn't use steroids or they don't make a real difference. So what explains a 50% improvement in his home run rate at age 34? I guess that flaxseed oil is pretty powerful stuff.

The SF Giants haven't rehired him and it's hard to imagine any other team picking him up. So maybe I can go to a ballgame next year.

  2007-11-16 16:21 Z