Thanks to Andy for pointing out Juha's Knight Rider dashboard project. A fan from Finland documents his twenty year quest to faithfully redraw the dash display of K.I.T.T., the famous talking car. I love that his presentation is free of irony.
What is the point of all this?
I wanted to finish what I had started. I have dozens of eternity projects that I usually have no time to work on. Whenever I manage to find a bit of spare time and if Im in the mood I will try to work on those projects. Drawing the ultimate reproduction of KITTs dash was one of those unfinished projects for fifteen years. Now it has been completed.
Irony is a cheap and undemanding form of cultural commentary. Sure, Knight Rider is cheesy and it's easy to get some quick laughs by making fun of it. But it was also a really entertaining show. I have fond boyhood memories of Knight Rider as well as Dukes of Hazzard. Why not just enjoy that instead of belittling it with irony?

John Waters' film Pecker is a brilliant commentary on the hollowness of irony; listen to his DVD commentary for his take on the curtain of irony that enshrouds New York.

I try to be less ironic, but it's hard and I'm lazy.

  2004-07-24 17:36 Z