Since learning Python ten months ago I've been a much happier hacker. I'll never go back to Perl again, and I'm increasingly frustrated working with Java. Here's some of what I've written in ten months:
  • access.log reporting tool
  • Converter to translate blog entries into Blosxom format
  • Data scrapers for various websites
  • Pinger for and
  • Email search engine (using MySQL)
  • Parsers for various game datafiles
  • CGI to record what music I'm listening to
  • CGI for capturing data for my linkblog
  • Photo management tool using EXIF tags
  • MP3 management tool
  • Cell phone data management tool
  • Emulator ROM management tool
  • Various BitTorrent hacks
  • Windows systray app for my surround sound system
Next project: wine cellar software
  2003-11-29 21:09 Z