While setting up my new machine I made a list of all the software I installed. I did this awhile back for the Mac, too.
Internet life
Google toolbar and DQSD to do searches
Trillian Pro, my favourite IM client
Macromedia Flash because you have to have it
System tweaking
Sandra to see how your computer is doing
3DMark to benchmark graphics
The latest ATI drivers
Rage3D Tweak to overclock the graphics card
Hmonitor to keep an eye on temperature
Hacking tools
Python for general programming
Ethereal to sniff the network
Cygwin for the X server
SecureCRT for an ssh terminal
Media software
ATV2000 to watch video input
Winamp 5 lite to play MP3
AudioGrabber with lame to make MP3s
gimp to edit pictures
Other useful things
ATnotes is a great post-it note app
Quicken for the checkbook
FeedDemon to read RSS and Atom feeds
Bitstream Vera fonts for the sans mono
Google desktop search to help you find things later
I've left out WinZip and Office, I'll see how long I can hold out. I also left out Firefox. I know it's heterodox, but I really like Internet Explorer.
  2004-12-19 00:38 Z