Mozy is good software. It's a simple online backup solution for Windows or Mac. Files are quietly backed up to their remote server with no hassles. There are a zillion companies doing remote backup now, I haven't tested them all because Mozy works just fine for me. (I'd consider for a hacker solution).

Mozy solves most of the hard problems of online backup. Basic install and configuration is simple. The backup client manages bandwidth well, including a configurable throttle. Restores are easy, including multiple snapshots in time. And the backup client just runs automatically, efficiently uploading only changed files. I don't even notice it's there.

I have some minor complaints. Mozy's backup sets for basic things like email or spreadsheets are fine for casual users, but advanced users have to hunt for the "advanced backup set features" in the options to choose specific directories on their own. The first time you open the configuration options takes 5+ minutes as it scans your hard drive. And the Virtual Drive restore seems to be ridiculously slow; fortunately the web restore worked much faster.

Quibbles aside, Mozy is a great solution for backup. MozyFree lets you back up 2 gigs for free. MozyHome gives you unlimited backup for $5/month for personal use and MozyPro gives you commercial use for $4/machine and $0.50/gigabyte.

  2007-09-14 16:45 Z