PreSonus makes good computer speakers. They’re marketed as “reference monitors” but at $100 for a small set I have my doubts about their referenceness. Fortunately I have a tin ear and they sound just fine for my computer playing YouTube videos, compressed music, games. Wirecutter agrees.

The specific ones I have are these 3.5" Bluetooth speakers for $150. Inputs are RCA line-in, balanced, and Bluetooth, also an Aux-In and Headphone jacks on the front. Decent amplifier, plenty loud for an office. There’s 100Hz and 10kHz equalization knobs and a Bluetooth pairing button in the back. The “Gen 2” version includes an optional standby mode for power savings which seems to work fine. The cabinet is MDF and while it’s light it doesn’t have that hollow sound of cheap plastic. The website only promises 80 Hz so these are not the speakers for bass thumping.

Fifteen years ago I recommended the M-Audio speakers. IIRC their quality went downhill, maybe they went to plastic enclosures? I also had some Creative Mackie speakers but they have a manufacturing problem that causes them to fail after a few years. We’ll see how long these PreSonus ones last.

I’m self-conscious how this post looks like a spammy marketing affiliate page written by an AI. It’s not! I just like the product.

  2024-06-08 18:42 Z