My partner Ken is a small plane pilot. One thing that makes flying un-fun is carrying around and maintaining the stacks and stacks of Jeppesen charts you need for instrument flying. Instead of carrying a full set of paper charts Ken's going digital, with a laptop and a printer and a Toshiba e800 PocketPC. All of this is for PocketPlates, software that prints charts and views them on a PDA screen.

The only problem is the PocketPC OS is apparently locked in 240x320 resolution. This fancy Toshiba has a 480x640 screen, but the OS refuses to run at that resolution. Fortunately there's MyVGA, an open source hack that puts the PDA in 480x640 mode. Add in Undead Hack and some cosmetic fixes, and it's like your PDA really is high-res.

Most apps work just fine in the full VGA mode, including PocketPlates. Now the charts look pretty good (if tiny). I wonder why this wasn't easier? Does the Windows on Pocket PC only officially support 240x320 resolution?

  2004-09-18 00:39 Z